The Restoration House

Everyone is asking, what is the Restoration House?  Is it a store or a bed and breakfast??? No, it is much more than that.  It is where restoration of souls take place.

It houses First Step to Freedom Ministries, Inc, Transforming Hearts General Store and The Center for Hope.

  • First Step provides one on one mentoring, life skills training, parenting classes and job training.
  • Transforming Hearts General Store is located in the front of the RH and holds the creativity of the women we minister to.  Purchases enable First Step to continue to purchase goods that help us keep the women busy, teach work ethic, build self-worth and gain healthy relationships.
  • The Center for Hope is a Christ-based certified counseling service.  Michael Felder, CCS, CADC II is there twice a month and sees clients by appointment only.  You may contact him at 423-298-4234

We LOVE visitors.  Stop in and take a tour.

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